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Head of Department – Karasev Alexander Anatolyevich, doctor of the highest qualification category.

Neurological Department was founded in 1952.

Currently, the Department is located on the second floor of a six storey therapeutic building and deployed with 50 beds. The Department provides specialized medical care for patients of neurological profile.


The staff of the neurological Department

Staff offices:

Karasev, Alexander A.

Kudaev Dmitri

the doctor

Kuznetsova Tatiana

the doctor

Goryacheva Natalia

the doctor

Parkin Galina Vladimirovna

Senior med.sister

The curator of the neurological Department - Ignatieva Olga, associate Professor of neurology and psychiatry of the state University. N. P. Ogaryov, PhD



Associate Professor (Department of nervous diseases and psychiatry)

Other positions: Consultant, Department of neurology MRCB, freelance neuropsychologist, RCRA, Consultant neurologist consultative diagnostic centre Medical Institute.

Career: Graduated from medical faculty Mordovia state University (1993). The candidate of medical Sciences (2000). Since 1995 employee of the Department of nervous diseases and psychiatry, associate Professor, 2005-present.

Research interests, publications: the Problems of diagnosis and treatment of cerebrovascular disease, neuroinfections, diseases of the peripheral nervou system the population of the Republic of Mordovia. The author of over 120 publications, 18 teaching guidelines and manuals, 2 of them with the stamp of UMO, 3 innovations in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy.

Additional information: doctor-neurologist of the highest category, an expert in neurology TFOMS

The main directions in the delivery of health care:

The staff of the division of neurology their main task sees in the organization and provision of highly qualified specialized medical care to patients with various neurological diseases. The Department completes diagnostics and treatment of the entire spectrum of neurological disease with subsequent determination of the management plan of patients in hospital and urban clinics.

The priority for our Department is the treatment of pain syndromes in neurology (back pain, headaches, facial pain), epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, acute and chronic vascular diseases of the brain and spinal cord.

The Department provides treatment of the following diseases:

Diagnostic capabilities

To confirm the diagnosis using modern methods of examination: MRI and CT of the brain and spine, angiography and ultrasound of cerebral vessels, x-ray examination, EEG (including daily monitoring of EEG), EMG studies, REG, ECHO encephaloscopy consultations with a neurosurgeon to decide on surgical treatment.

Medical base

The Department made intensive use of physiotherapy, equipped with modern equipment, classrooms, exercise therapy, massage . If necessary, carried out consultations of qualified specialists: cardiologist, endocrinologist, speech therapist aphasiology, neurosurgeon, therapist, etc.

Scientific work and cooperation

In the Department of neurology is research work, preparing one of kandidatskaya of the thesis, cooperation with the course of nervous diseases of the Medical Institute of Moscow state University.N. P.Ogarev, clinical trials of medicinal drugs used in neurology.

Order of hospitalization

Hospitalization of patients with neurological diseases is performed routinely after examination by a neurologist consultation clinic, and in emergency situations, the duty days in hospital after examination in the emergency room of our hospital.

The paid services rendered by the Department


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