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Department of otorhinolaryngology

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The Department of Otorhinolaryngology is located on the basis of the State Medical Institution of the Republic of Moldova "Mordovia Republican Central Clinical Hospital" at the address: Republic of Mordovia, Saransk, Pobedy str. 14/5. The otolaryngology department is located on the 7th floor of a nine-storey surgical building. The department is deployed for 45 beds. This is the only specialized department in the Republic of Mordovia, which provides emergency and planned care for pathology of ENT organs.

Department Head Velmiskina Irina Vasilyevna, doctor of the highest qualification category, Candidate of Medical Sciences, freelance specialist of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova.


Staff of the department:



Staff of the department of otorhinolaryngology

Full name


Work experience


Velmiskina Irina Vasilyevna

Department head, doctor

14 years old


Rogozhina Olga Nikolaevna


4.5 years


Lukyanova Natalia Sergeevna


3 years


Shchekina Elena Aleksandrovna


11 years old

specialty - 3 years


Kemyaeva Evgeniya Viktorovna



The department is equipped with modern equipment for inpatient treatment of patients according to the standards of equipment for the profile of otorhinolaryngology, which was highly appreciated during the inspection of Roszdravnadzor of Russia in October 2017.

The doctors of the department provide qualified round-the-clock emergency, planned surgical and conservative care to the urban and rural population of the Republic of Moldova. Patients are being admitted to a consultative polyclinic, where patients are selected for hospitalization and advisory assistance is provided.

The main activities of the department:

The following types of operations are performed for diseases of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses:

In diseases of the pharynx:

In diseases of the larynx:

For diseases of the ears:

These techniques have a number of advantages:

Sparing and organ-preserving methods of surgical treatment of ear, throat and nose neoplasms are also used, including using video endoscopic and microsurgical technologies and a radio wave scalpel, as well as cryodestruction.

As part of the provision of high-tech assistance to the population in the otorhinolaryngological department, reconstructive operations are performed on the sound-conducting apparatus of the middle ear; surgical treatment of benign neoplasms of the paranasal sinuses, the base of the skull and middle ear; reconstructive plastic restoration of the functions of the larynx and trachea.

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