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The Department of reanimation and intensive therapy

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Head of branch - act Roman Gennadyevich, doctor of the resuscitator-anesthesiologist of the highest qualification category.


Department of intensive care unit deployed to 9 beds, organized and has been in operation since July 1990. The office is located in the therapy building on the first floor of a six storey building with 300 beds. Working around the clock mode.

The primary functions of the Department of resuscitation and intensive therapy:

The Department of reanimation and intensive therapy in accordance with the assigned tasks performs the following functions:

  1. The provision of specialized, including high-tech medical care to patients with impaired vital functions of the body due to acute diseases, decompensation of chronic diseases, consequences of acute injuries, conditions after a therapeutic and/or surgical treatments in accordance with approved standards of care.

  2. A complex of resuscitation measures for patients in a state of clinical death.

  3. A comprehensive set of measures for monitoring the safety of patients with disturbed vital functions of the body or the risk of such violations with a view to their prevention.

  4. Control and timely elimination of violations of vital functions during endovascular treatment methods.

  5. The development and introduction into clinical practice of modern methods of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of critical conditions, the development and implementation of measures to improve and implement new methods of diagnostics, intensive care and resuscitation prevention of disease.

  6. The development and implementation of measures aimed at improving the quality of treatment and diagnostic work in the NICU.

  7. Provision of advice to doctors from other departments of a hospital providing intensive care and intensive therapy of critical States.


Kubantseva Irina Nikolaevna - senior nurse of Department of reanimation and intensive therapy


The office:


Senior nurse - Kubantseva Irina, the highest qualification category

Nursing staff are 18 nurses, 2 of them have highest qualification category.

Patients are hospitalized in the intensive care unit and intensive care on an emergency basis around the clock according to the schedule of duty of the hospital.

Contact phone: 76-13-77

The conversation with the relatives of the patients held in the reference Department of medical-diagnostic building.

12:00-13:00 on working days the head of Department.

17:00-18:00 daily, 12:00-13:00 at weekends the doctor on duty office.

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