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Dear friends!

chief physician

I welcome you to the official website of the State Budgetary Healthcare Institution of the Republic of Mordovia "Mordovia Republican Central Clinical Hospital".

The Mordovian Republican Central Clinical Hospital is the oldest state medical institution in the Republic of Mordovia, dating back to 1937. Thousands of people who worked at different times in the hospital, with their daily selfless work, made an invaluable contribution to the formation of the authority and reputation of the institution. During this time, we have established ourselves as an institution that can be trusted with the most valuable thing a person has - his health! The main goal of our work is to provide high-quality, qualified, and most importantly, affordable medical care that meets modern standards of medical care. To achieve this goal, we have all the necessary resources: intellectual, human, financial, logistical.

At present, MRCCB is the largest state multidisciplinary medical institution in the Republic of Mordovia, providing specialized inpatient medical care in the main areas of surgery and therapy, obstetrics and gynecology, neonatology, including high-tech medical care, as well as consultative and diagnostic assistance to residents of the Republic of Mordovia and nearby regions.

The structure of the Mordovian Republican Central Clinical Hospital includes a hospital with 855 beds and an advisory polyclinic designed for 500 visits per shift.

MRCCB provides planned and emergency assistance around the clock. There are 45 departments in the structure of the hospital. The hospital employs 1,733 employees, 386 of whom are doctors. Of these, 34 people are candidates of medical sciences, 1 is a doctor of medical sciences, 13 are honored workers of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Mordovia, 1 is a people's doctor.

The hospital is located in modern buildings, where comfortable conditions are created for the stay and treatment of patients, which contributes to the speedy recovery of patients, reducing the duration of treatment.

Every year, about 30 thousand patients receive specialized inpatient medical care in the MRCCB. More than 60 thousand patients receive consultative and diagnostic assistance on the basis of the consultative polyclinic and about 68 thousand patients on the basis of the Department of reproductive health.

The improvement of the material and technical base of the hospital, systematic work to improve human resources, the development of new medical technologies allowed specialized medical care to be raised to a higher level - the level of high-tech medical care, thereby increasing the prestige of the health care of the Republic of Mordovia. To date, MRCCB has a license to provide high-tech medical care in the following fields: neurosurgery, traumatology and orthopedics, urology, otorhinolaryngology, maxillofacial surgery, cardiovascular surgery, abdominal surgery, neonatology, obstetrics and gynecology.

Of great importance for the protection of the reproductive health of the population of the republic is the Perinatal Center, whose tasks are to diagnose and treat infertility, help in maintaining pregnancy and childbirth, that is, full coverage of the family planning cycle, starting from the moment of conception and ending with postpartum observation.

One of the components of the successful operation of the hospital is the combination of the best traditions of domestic medicine and the active introduction of innovative medical technologies. In recent years, minimally invasive methods of surgical treatment have been widely introduced into the work of the clinic. They are most widely used in gynecology, urology, elective surgery, and otorhinolaryngology. The introduction of these methods made it possible to significantly reduce the length of stay of patients in the hospital and, as a result, the total length of stay on the sick list.

Everyone who comes to our hospital with their trouble will meet here attentive attitude, support and can count on our help. We will do everything possible to restore your health.

A favorable outcome in treatment requires joint efforts and a combination of several factors. On our part, these are the long-standing traditions of the hospital, based on professionalism, responsibility and mercy; high qualification and experience of specialists with advanced technologies. From you - we need faith in success and trust in our team.

Wishing you good health,

Chief Physician of the State Medical Institution of the Republic of Moldova "Mordovia Republican Central Clinical Hospital"

Ladyaev S.V.

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