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The Department of pathology of newborns and premature babies

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Head of Department - Tishkov Olga E., neonatologists, work experience of 14 years.

Curator of the Department Deputy chief physician for pediatric care, the neonatologist of the highest category, Anufriev Valery Gennad'evna.

The modern concept of health development provides for the development and improvement of medical care of newborn babies.

The Department of pathology of newborns and premature children (OPND) was organized in 1988 on the basis of municipal maternity house # 1. Then continued its work on the basis of GBUZ RM children's Republican clinical hospital No. 1, June 2011 the Department was part of GBUZ RM "MRKZ". From September 2018, the Department is part of GBUZ RM "Mordovia Republican Central clinical hospital". The Department of pathology of newborns and premature babies, deployed with 30 beds.

Отделение патологии новорожденных и недоношенных детей

The office:


The staff of the Department of pathology of newborn and premature babies

In the Department there are 20 wards for joint stay of mother and child, house newborn, infectious Boxing.

In OPND receives children from obstetric units, which have problems that do not allow to be discharged home soon after birth, children in the intensive care unit and neonatal intensive care, other obstetric institutions of the Republic of Mordovia.

The Department conducts the inspection, treatment and rehabilitation of newborns with various diseases - viral, bacterial infections; diseases of broncho-pulmonary system, with congenital metabolic disorders; from disorders of the Central nervous system; with jaundice and hemolytic disease of the newborn, and nursing of premature babies.

At diagnosis we will use all possible laboratory service and functional methods, which are widely represented in our hospital. In the Department there are all conditions for treatment, including for high-tech medical aid to the newborn. High-tech help we provide in the following nosology:

For the first half of 2018 in the Department were treated 50 children that have passed through the PMF.

Отделение патологии новорожденных и недоношенных детей

In the Department there are 20 wards for joint stay of mother and child, where the mother can constantly be with the child after discharge from the post-Natal ward. If the mother can not always be in the office, she can visit the RebbeENKA, feed him and be with him for as long as it allows her health. Parents receive full information about the newborn's condition, treatment methods, disease features and are directly involved in the care of the child.

Special attention in the Department is paid to supporting breastfeeding, in case of lack of milk or inability of the mother to visit the child individually selected artificial mixture. Enriching breast milk (dry falsificatori enhancers or breast milk) used in office, allow you to keep breastfeeding even very preterm babies.

Отделение патологии новорожденных и недоношенных детей

In the conditions of the separation it is possible to perform one of the most important tasks is the creation of optimal environmental conditions in which thermal comfort, optimal humidity, protection from excessive manipulation, noise, bright light.

Отделение патологии новорожденных и недоношенных детей

Very preterm infants are in incubators where the conditions as close to fetal life: a constantly controlled temperature and humidity, is a protection from noise, bright light, if necessary, using oxygen. Premature infants with larger body mass at birth are kept in a special heated cot.

Отделение патологии новорожденных и недоношенных детей

For effective treatment use of parenteral nutrition, antibacterial and immune therapy with modern drugs on the basis of microbiological and immunological monitoring in the group of preterm infants with very low body weight. Also widely used at the Department determination of blood lactate to reflect the degree of tissue hypoxia and severity of newborn condition

With the goal of rehabilitation for newborns and premature babies in the office used massage, methods of music therapy as emotional way of rehabilitation for full-term and preterm infants.

The Department conducts sanitary-educational work with mothers and relatives of newborns and providing them with emotional support (attracted psychologists from the Crisis centre).

All children are observed dynamically neurologist, ophthalmologist and other specialists, if necessary, ultrasound examination (echocardiography, neurosonography, ultrasound of the abdominal organs, kidneys), electroencephalography, radiological examinations.

Отделение патологии новорожденных и недоношенных детей

The Department provides neonatal screening for hereditary diseases (phenylketonuria, congenital hypothyroidism, galactosemia, adrenogenital syndrome, mucoviscidosis). For the screening to take a blood sample from the heel of a newborn baby 3 hours after feeding). In term infants, the analysis is taken on the 4th day of life in preterm – on the 7th day of life.

All babies are a hearing examination in the framework of the national audiological screening.

For infant health in the Department watched the clock qualified doctors and nurses. Daily doctor examines the child and gives the mother full information on his condition. Before discharge home physician holds a conversation with parents about the future care of the child in the first days after discharge at home conditions.

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