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Gastroenterology Department

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Head of Department – Tsaregorodtseva O. V., doctor of the first qualification category.


Gastroenterology Department was founded in 1971 on the basis MRCB.

Currently, the gastroenterology Department is located on the sixth floor of a six storey therapeutic building and deployed with 30 beds.

The Department provides specialized medical care in gastroenterology rural and urban population.

Staff offices:

Гастроэнтерологическое отделение

The staff of the Department of Gastroenterology Department

Tsaregorodtseva O. V.

head. Department, the first category

Mishanina HP

the doctor

Mashkov Yu.N.

the doctor

Shibarshov L. M.

senior med. sister, the highest category

The main directions in the delivery of health care:

Diagnost- diffraction capabilities includes:

The Department uses modern eradication regimens in patients with erosive - ulcerative lesions of the stomach and duodenum, the relevant recommendations of the Maastricht-4. Therapy drugs hepatoprotectors in chronic liver diseases. In inflammatory diseases of the bowel used combination regimens. Is the selection of drug therapy based on the individual characteristics of the organism, the disease, comorbidities. Introduce modern techniques and schemes to optimize the treatment process, the relevant standardsthere medical assistance in gastroenterology.

Hospitalization in the Department is carried out in a planned manner on a daily basis, according to the schedule of admission in the direction of the Republican consultative polyclinic/

The list of diseases to be hospitalized in the gastroenterology Department: