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Today: 03.12.2021 г.

Office of blood transfusion

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Office of blood transfusion is a structural unit GBUZ RM "MRCB" , performs the role of forwarding and organizational-methodical center of the institution and is located on the base housing of the diagnostic and perinatal center, GBUZ RM "MRCB".


Today in the office working 2 the doctor-transfusiologist: head of the office of the doctor-transfuziologa of the highest qualification category, Polyakova Tatyana Valentinovna, doctor-transfusiologist of the first category Shvetsova Oksana Petrovna, and two nurses of the first category. Organizational-methodical management of GBUZ RM "MRCPCH".

The office is equipped with the necessary medical equipment for thawing and heating biological materials, low temperature freezers for storage of blood components, modern systems for determining the group and rhesus belonging, and identification antierythrocytes antibodies. It turns out the doctors advice and medical help with scheduled and emergency hemplastrasse in medical, surgical and obstetric practices.

Conducted individual selection of blood and blood components for sensitized patients. Transfusion programmes are prepared for each category of patients. Widely used new transfusion of blood products and blood substitutes, as well as their rational use in carrying out transfusion therapy.

The staff is trained and retrained on the bases of the leading clinics of the Russian Federation.

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