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Today: 20.05.2024 г.

Coronavirus infection

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Dear citizens!

The Ministry of health of the Republic of Mordovia, given the difficult epidemiological situation of novel coronavirus infection in the world and the possibility of its importation into the Russian Federation urges to drop in the near future from trips to European countries, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, primarily in China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, France, Germany, Spain. The list of troubled countries is constantly expanding.

If You, Your close relatives or friends within the last 14 days visited the above mentioned regions and countries, the Ministry of health of the Republic of Mordovia kindly asks to report it by telephone "hot line" 8-800-100-46-60 or call the house doctor of the territorial polyclinics.

Please note that in cases returning from affected new coronavirus infection of the regions and countries in the presence of symptoms of acute respiratory infections (colds) the Ministry of health of the Republic of Mordovia urged to remain calm, to stay at home, immediately report their illness to the hotline - 8-800-100-46-60, or call the doctor of a territorial polyclinic at home.

On the fact of application for medical assistance on the above situations, You will be evaluated for novel coronavirus infection, avoid complications of health and reduce the risk of infecting loved ones, family, friends.

The Ministry of health of the Republic of Mordovia hopes for understanding and assistance in conducting anti-epidemic measures. Thank you!

About coronaviruses infection (PDF)

Individual prevention of Influenza, SARS, including Coronavirus infection COVID-19 (PDF)

Guide to the prevention of influenza, SARS and coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in the workplace (PDF)

The Ministry of health and Rospotrebnadzor has opened on its official website a section dedicated to the coronavirus.

The sites contain current information on symptoms of coronavirus, the medical care, as well as answers to most popular questions.

Section is constantly updated as new information becomes available.

Focus only on official information from verified official sources: and

Developed in Russia test system for COVID-19 result for 2-4 hours, read more:

Hotlines, where citizens can seek advice on prevention of coronavirus infection, operate in each region, reported the press service of Rospotrebnadzor.

For the prevention of coronavirus infection, all citizens can contact United counseling center of Rospotrebnadzor on the phone 8-800-555-49-43. It works around the clock, employees can answer basic questions about COVID-19, advice available in Chinese.

Subscribe to the official community Ministry of health of Russia in social networks: Vkontakte — — — it is the most relevant and reliable information!

Recommendations on prevention of novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) among workers.

Employers are required to provide:

  • at the entrance of the employees in the organization (enterprise) - ability to handle hands skin antiseptics designed for these purposes (including with the installed pipette), or disinfectant wipes with the establishment of control over the observance of this hygienic procedure;
  • temperature control of the body of workers at the entrance of employees into the organization (enterprise) and during the working day (by prescription), using machines to measure body temperature non-contact or contact means (electronic, infrared thermometer, portable thermal imager) with a mandatory suspension from being in the workforce of persons with high body temperature and signs of an infectious disease;
  • control of the call by an employee of the physician to provide primary care for sick at home;
  • monitoring compliance with the isolation of workers at home for a fixed period (14 days) when they return from countries, where cases of novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19);
  • informing employees about the necessity of observance of rules of personal and public hygiene: regime regular hand washing with soap and water or handling of skin antiseptics in the course of a working day, after visiting the toilet;
  • quality cleaning with disinfectant virucidal action, paying special attention to disinfect door handles, light switches, handrails, railings, contact surfaces (tables and chairs, workers,, common areas (meal rooms, rest rooms, lavatories, rooms and equipments for sports etc.), all areas with a multiplicity of processing every 2 hours;
  • the organization not less than five days inventory of disinfectants for cleaning and treatment of employees, means of individual protection of respiratory organs in case of identification of persons with signs of infectious disease (masks, respirators);
  • regular (every 2 hours) ventilation of work areas;
  • the use of working space germicidal lamps, air recyclers to regularly disinfect the air (if possible).

It is recommended to limit:

  • any corporate events in the collectives, the participation of employees in the other public events for a period of epitheliopathy;
  • direction of employees on business trips, especially in foreign countries where cases of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19);
  • when planning vacations to refrain from visiting countries where they are recorded cases of novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

Depending on the conditions of food workers to recommend:

In the presence of the dining room for food workers:

  • to ensure the use of single use dishes with subsequent collection, disinfection and destruction in the prescribed manner;
  • when using tableware of repeated use - its processing is preferably carried out at specialized washing machines in accordance with the instructions for its operation with the use of processing modes, providing disinfection of crockery and Cutlery at a temperature not below 65 deg.C for 90 minutes, or manually at the same temperature with the use of disinfectants in accordance with the requirements of sanitary legislation.

In the absence of the dining room:

  • to forbid eating at the workplace, to take food only in designated room - room meal;
  • if no meal rooms, to provide for the allocation of premises for these purposes with a sink for washing hands (which should goOh hot and cold water), providing it with daily cleaning with disinfectants.

When a request from the territorial bodies of the Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human welfare to immediately provide information about all contacts of the ill novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in connection with execution of labour functions, to ensure that the disinfection of rooms where patients.

Information for the public about coronaviruses infection

The most frequently asked questions about the prevention of coronavirus infection

About the basic principles of quarantine at home

About disinfection of mobile devices

Rules for the use of medical masks

Statistics on the number of cases of infection coronaviruses infection in Russia and the world

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