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Congratulations On The Great Victory Day!

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Dear participants of the great Patriotic war veterans, home front workers!
Dear citizens of the Republic of Mordovia!

Heartily congratulate You with Victory Day! The bright, dear and beloved national holiday that is common to all: veterans, their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. This part of the story of each family. Victorious may 45-go has gone down in the heroic annals of our country as a symbol of the bravery and selflessness of the Soviet people.

It is a day sacred memory of those who laid down his life on the battlefield and gave their lives in the struggle against fascism. And at the same time for all of us this day of bright joy from the fact that we were able to overcome all hardships and difficulties to survive and win in this terrible war.

This is a celebration for all times. Our country, great Russia, will always live and prosper, while not forgotten, may 9, 1945! Let over us will always be peaceful sky, and every home — happiness, prosperity and love! With a holiday! With Victory Day!

Administration INSTITUTION of the Republic of Mordovia "MRCB"
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