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Methods the records of patients at the initial visit, consultation

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Record of patients to doctors in the following ways:

1. Referral of patients for consultation to specialists is carried out by doctors of medical organizations of the RM from your workstation using the service "Electronic reception", in the absence of such technical possibilities is through a centralized point of entry.

If necessary, the emergency patient referral for consultation or advice of a stationary patient, the mandatory procedure of approval with the head of consultative polyclinic of the phone.

2. In the latter case the patient in the registry.

In the case of pre-treatment for routine medical care redregistration clarifies the patient's name, address, place of residence, contact phone number. Identificeret patient with the number of the insurance policy in the database HIF, selects the patient the most convenient time of reception, shall submit the data of the patient and provides the patient with the appointment time, office number and name of the doctor leading the reception issues the coupon reception.

3. When handling a patient at the reception:

3.1. in the doctor's office (for re-appointment for yourself, or consult other specialist); the office of the head of the clinic (subject to appeal).

4. Turning the patient to the front Desk by phone.

The medical records of patients recorded on admission, are deposited by the Registrar in advance. Before taking the prepared documents takes a nurse in a doctor's office, eliminating re-treatment of patients in the registry.
If necessary, the reception of the patient at the time of treatment, the delivery of medical outpatients in doctor's office is performed by the Registrar.

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