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Cardiology Department №1

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Head of the department - Elena A. Tyuleneva, doctor of the highest qualification category, Candidate of medical Sciences


Cardiology Department No. 1 was founded on October 15, 1985 on the basis of MRKB. Currently, the cardiology department is located on the fourth floor of a six-storey therapeutic building and is deployed for 60 beds.

The department provides specialized medical care to patients with a cardiological profile.

Staff of Cardiology Department No. 1

Staff of Cardiology Department No. 1

Staff of the department:

Melnikova Elena Nikolaevna - doctor

Inna Nikolaevna Pakshina - doctor

Lyudmila Vladimirovna Makeeva - doctor

Artyushina Nadezhda Aleksandrovna - senior nurse

The main directions in the provision of medical care:

The department uses modern methods of treatment and diagnosis of cardiac diseases: selective coronary angiography with stenting of the coronary arteries

In the department, the following types of studies are assigned and conducted on the basis of diagnostic departments of the State Medical Institution of the Republic of Moldova «MRCCB»:

Hospitalization to the department is carried out in an emergency and planned manner.

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