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The Department of oral and maxillofacial surgery

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The Department of Maxillofacial Surgery of the State Medical Institution of the Republic of Moldova "Mordovia Republican Central Clinical Hospital", deployed for 30 beds. Provides specialized emergency, planned and advisory care to patients: adults, adolescents and children with diseases and injuries of organs and tissues of the maxillofacial region of the city of Saransk and districts of the republic. The department is the clinical base of the Dental Faculty of the Medical Institute of the Mordovian State University.

Personnel of the maxillofacial surgery service.

Head of the department Sergey Sergeyevich Tserkovnov maxillofacial surgeon, clinical residency in maxillofacial surgery in Nih GMA, specialist certificate maxillofacial surgeon (2017)




The staff of the department of maxillofacial surgery

Berezutskaya Oksana Aleksandrovna - maxillofacial surgeon. Clinical residency in maxillofacial surgery in Nih GMA. Specialist certificate - Maxillofacial surgeon (2018).

Kosov Alexander Vladimirovich - maxillofacial surgeon. Clinical residency in maxillofacial surgery (RMAPO, Moscow 2017). Specialist certificate - maxillofacial surgeon (2017).

Vyacheslav Shchukin - maxillofacial surgeon.

Valery Badmaevich Mesteev is a maxillofacial surgeon.

The department is fully staffed with secondary and junior medical personnel.

The work uses modern medical and diagnostic equipment (MRI, CT, OPTG, ultrasound, X-ray diagnostic and endoscopic devices, dental erbium laser, physiodispenser, electrosurgical apparatus, sets of microsurgical instruments and maxillofacial surgery). Annually, 1050 - 1100 patients pass through the department, rural residents make up 28 - 35%, children and adolescents - 8-10%.

More than 1000 operations are performed per year. Of these, 350 - 400 planned and 600 – 650 emergency operations.

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