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The accident and emergency Department and the planning Advisory medical care and medical evacuation

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Zotova Aleksandra Ivanovna - head of the Department of emergency and planned outpatient care and medical evacuation with exit anesthesiology - resuscitation ambulance, a physician anesthesiologist-resuscitator of the highest qualification category, work experience in the specialty for 34 years.


Remotely advice centre established in September 2012. The main objective is to provide round-the-clock consultative, emergency and urgent specialized medical care for pregnant women, parturient women, puerperant women and newborns in the maternity services of the Republic of Mordovia.

The staff consists of 33 employees:

Key officers:

  1. Aranovich Zhanna Gennad'evna - obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest qualification category;
  2. Bulycheva I. A. – anesthesiologist-resuscitator of the highest qualification category;
  3. 9 nurses, anaesthetist and 4 drivers.

Almost all employees have high qualification, extensive experience in the specialty, have methods of urgent diagnosis , the ability to navigate in emergency situations and make tactically correct decision.

For the organization of the intensive care Advisory teams use two mobile intensive care unit (obstetric and neonatal) complete with special resuscitation equipment and drugs that allow for intensive care and support of vital bodily functions( artificial ventilation, drug therapy, monitor tracking). All conditions for the transportation of newborns, including for children with extremely low birth weight body.

The main challenges facing mobile intensive care Advisory team (obstetric or neonatal) is a dynamic monitoring of the health of pregnant, postpartum women , postpartum women and newborns requiring neonatal intensive care unit and an emergency transfer and transport of patients with a high degree of risk in specialized medical institutions of the Republic of Mordovia and the Federal centers.

Дистанционный консультативный центр

During the functioning of the center neonatal team repeatedly Provadiya transportation of newborns in Moscow, Penza, Kazan for the treatment of severe congenital heart defects, or to conduct laser photocoagulation for severe retinopathy of prematurity. Obstetric anesthesia team was accompanied by a pregnant woman with a high degree of risk to the Federal center of obstetrics and gynecology of Moscow.

Specialists of the center, obstetrician-gynecologists in conjunction with the neonatology - intensive care travel to medical institutions of the Republic of Mordovia for operating an emergency premature delivery (cesarean section) during pregnancy with various types of extragenital pathology( O. appendicitis, peritonitis, kidney disease, liver injury, etc.)

Neonatal intensive care team goes on a call doctors of district hospitals, maternity hospitals to provide immediate emergency care to infants, are in critical condition. Medical staff jointly conducts activities aimed at stabilization of basic vital functions of the body and preparation for transfer of the child to a specialized hospital for treatment on the profile of the disease. In some of the most severe cases, it can last for several days. Newborn transport is carried out with the written consent forhorse of representatives. During transport through the complex medical procedures to translate the newborn without complications.

Дистанционный консультативный центр

Tasks of the center is to prepare physicians obstetrician-gynecologists, anaesthesiologists and neonatologists TSRB RM on diagnostics, intensive care and resuscitation, provision of training seminars and workshops for the provision of intensive care for newborns in the delivery room.

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