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Pathology Department

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Head of Department – Kaminskaya Tatyana Mikhailovna, doctor of the highest qualification category.

Pathology Department was established in 1937 on the basis of MRCB.

Currently, the anatomic compartment is located in a separate three-storey building on the site MRCB. In the Department carry out specialized medical care to the profile of pathological anatomy of the rural and urban population.

Staff offices:



F. I. O.

The post

1 Kaminska T. M. head. office


Romycin S. G.

the doctor


Belova L. N.

the doctor


Kargina O. V.

the doctor


Druzhinina E. N.

the doctor


Pivovarova E. S.

the doctor


Kharitonov S. V.

the doctor


Ayupov M. R.

the doctor


Egorov, Yu.

the doctor

Main objectives of the Department are:

  • lifetime pathological study of biopsy and surgical material;
  • the diagnosis of the disease;
  • dynamic control of efficiency of treatment at biopsy and operational material;
  • the study of the etiology, pathogenesis and tanatogenesis of diseases;
  • study data on mortality;
  • comparison of clinical and pathoanatomical diagnoses, causes of death;
  • post-mortem diagnostics of diseases on the material of the autopsies with the establishment of the causes and mechanisms of death in patients;
  • assessment of the quality and efficiency of medical care;
  • the detection of defects on prehospital and hospital stages;
  • information and analytical activity, the results of the study biopsy, surgical and autopsy material;
  • Advisory-diagnostic work;
  • development and implementation of measures to improve and implement new methods of diagnostics;
  • participation in the process of professional development staff medical facility for diagnosis and medical care in the field of pathological anatomy;
  • sanitary-educational work;
  • provision of advice to doctors from other departments of the hospital in the diagnosis of diseases;
  • conduct accounting and reporting documentation, reporting of activities in accordance with established procedure, collection of data for the registers maintain under the law.
  • Interaction office

    Office are used as clinical base of educational institutions of secondary, higher and supplementary professional education and scientific organizations.

    The Department carries out its activity in interaction with territorial bodies of the Federal service for supervision of the State institution-regional branch of Fund of social insurance of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Moldova, with the institutions of healthcareia the Republic of Mordovia, regardless of the form of ownership, services, divisions and medical departments of GBUZ RM "MRCB" in order to carry out its functions.

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