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X-ray Department

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The radiological department is a structural subdivision of the GBUZ RM "MRTSKB", engaged in X-ray diagnostics of diseases of organs and systems.

Head of the department Makeycheva Marina Yuryevna, - radiologist of the highest qualification category, chief freelance specialist of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Mordovia.


Makeycheva Marina Yuryevna - Head of the radiology department

Staff of the department:

  1. Makeycheva M.Yu. – radiologist,
  2. Khmurovich O.A. - radiologist
  3. Dushkina N.F. – radiologist
  4. Rachkova O. A. radiologist
  5. Moskovchenko A. S. radiologist
  6. Gorbunova K. A. radiologist
  7. Dushanina N. V. radiologist
  8. Bateryakova E. A. radiologist
  9. Kemaev D. A. radiologist
  10. Koshina E.G. radiologist
  11. Dormidontov M.Yu. radiologist
  12. Spiridonova L. F. X-ray laboratory assistant
  13. Anisimov S.V. X-ray laboratory assistant
  14. Apykhtina E. A. roentgenlaborant
  15. Sorokina S.A X-ray laboratory assistant
  16. Varlashina O. A radiolaborant
  17. Vladimirova L.N. roentgenlaborant
  18. Glistenkov A. roentgenlaborant
  19. Gorbunov A.M. X-ray laboratory assistant
  20. Kotov R.S. – X-ray technician
  21. Kurdyukov T. N. roentgenlaborant
  22. Morozova O. N. roentgenlaborant
  23. Udelnov S.A.- X-ray laboratory assistant
  24. Shebarshov D. V. X-ray laboratory assistant
  25. Golubeva S. A. X-ray laboratory assistant
  26. Khnuev S.S. X-ray laboratory assistant

Office cleaner - 3 people.

The work of radiologists and radiologists is regulated by the relevant job descriptions

The radiological department is equipped with modern equipment of foreign manufacturers:

An expert-class digital X-ray machine located in an advisory polyclinic makes it possible to carry out all types of radiographic and X-ray examinations quickly, efficiently and with minimal radiation load. After the X-ray examination, patients receive the conclusion of a radiologist within an hour, digital X-rays, if necessary, additional examination is performed and recommendations are given.

Digital X-ray diagnostic complexes located on the basis of the hospital allow to obtain high-quality images of the studied areas, significantly reduce the radiation load compared to traditional radiography and are used to diagnose inpatient patients and patients in the emergency room for emergency indications.

The main activities of the department:

X-ray diagnostics of diseases of the chest and larynx:

X-ray diagnostics of digestive diseases:

X-ray diagnostics of diseases of the musculoskeletal system:

X-ray diagnostics of the maxillofacial area:

X-ray diagnostics in urology:

There are two multispiral 64-slice computed tomographs in the radiological department of the MRCCB.

Computer tomographs meet the high requirements of diagnostic accuracy. Multispiral scanning technologies and software allow you to create a three-dimensional three-dimensional image of high resolution with high image quality necessary for accurate diagnosis of many diseases.

Computed tomographic studies of organs and systems in the native image, with in-line contrast and with in-line bolus contrast:

The results of the studies are received by patients in the shortest possible time (within 1-2 hours) in the form of conclusions with the printing of images on film and recording to disk.

Magnetic resonance tomograph allows to conduct studies of organs and systems, both native and with contrast enhancement. It is possible to obtain images of the vessels of the head and neck without the introduction of any contrast agents. Non-invasive contrast-free cholangiography is performed. The absence of radiation exposure makes this study absolutely safe. The presence of an emergency call for the patient, an intercom system between the patient and the operator and noise reduction technologies provide the patient with maximum comfort during the study.

Research Spector:

The results of the studies are received by patients in the shortest possible time (within 1-2 hours) in the form of conclusions with the printing of images on film and recording to disk.

The radiological department is equipped with the only digital X-ray machine in the Republic of Mordovia orthopantomograph,designed for panoramic and tomographic imaging of the entire jaw area, temporomandibular joints and paranasal sinuses.

The orthopantomograph has programs for digital panoramic shooting in real time, allowing you to:

1.Standard panoramic survey (orthoradial), for basic examination, treatment course planning;

2.Standard panoramic shooting with artifact correction;

3.Standard panoramic shooting of the left and right sides, respectively;

4.Children's panoramic shooting with a reduced radiation field in height and width;

5.Lateral survey of temporomandibular joints;

6.Shooting of the paranasal sinuses;

Flexible trajectory, calculated using a microprocessor individually for each patient, there are no restrictions on the size of the patient, optimally accessible for people in wheelchairs.

The DEXXUM 3 X-ray bone densitometer installed in the X-ray department of the medical and diagnostic building is a method for diagnosing bone density with determining the probability of fractures in children and adults.

Studies are evaluated by scanning: the proximal femur, lumbar spine, forearm bones with determination of bone density, determination of the probability of fractures, as well as with analysis of the dynamics of previous indicators during treatment.

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