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X-ray Department

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The radiology Department is a structural unit GBUZ RM "MRCB", dealing with the diagnostic radiology of diseases of organs and systems.

Head of the Department Makeicheva Marina Yurievna - doctor-radiologist of the highest qualification category, chief freelance specialist of Ministry of health of the Republic of Mordovia.


Makeicheva Marina Yuryevna - head of the radiology Department (center) with Skvortsova Veronica Igorevna and Morozov Mikhail Yurievich, Minister of health of the Republic of Mordovia

Staff offices:


  1. [Nina

  2. Zarechneva Olga Petrovna

  3. Horakova Svetlana Nikolaevna

  4. Manerova Dinara D.

  5. Shirmankin Vyacheslav

  6. Matawin Ksenia Olegovna

  7. Makarov Mikhail Nikolaevich

  8. Lazareva Yuliya Viktorovna

X-ray technicians:

  1. Apuhtina Elena

  2. Morozova Olga

  3. Udalov Sergey

  4. Varlashina Olga Alexandrovna

  5. Gorbunov Alexander

  6. Allchin Dmitry Ivanovich

  7. Cats Roman S.

  8. Stenkina Natalia

  9. Rodents Ivan Andreevich

  10. Anisimov, Sergey V.

  11. Davydov Sergey Vladimirovich

Office cleaners - 3 people.

Doctors radiologists, radiographers, are governed by the relevant job descriptions

The radiology Departmenta message is equipped with modern equipment of foreign manufacturers:

Digital x-ray machine expert class, located in the counseling clinic offers the possibility to quickly, efficiently and with minimal radiation exposure to all types of radiographic and fluoroscopic studies. After conducting x-ray examination of patients in an hour get the opinion of the radiologist, digital x-rays, if necessary, performed further examination and recommendations.

Four digital x-ray complex on the basis of the hospital, allow to obtain a high quality image regions of interest, significantly reducing the radiation exposure compared to traditional x-rays and are used for diagnosis of inpatients and patients in the emergency room for emergency indications.

The main activities of the Department:

Radiological diagnosis of diseases of the chest and larynx:

Radiological diagnosis of diseases of the digestive system:

Radiological diagnosis of diseases of the musculoskeletal system:

Diagnostic radiology of the maxillofacial region:

X-ray diagnostics in urology:

In the x-ray Department MRCCS there are two multislice computed tomography 16-and 64-slice CT

CT scanners meet the high demands of diagnostic precision. The multi-slice scanning technology and software allow you to create volumetric three-dimensional images of high resolution with high quality images needed for accurate diagnosis of many diseases.

Computer-tomography study of organs and systems in the native image, in\ - venous contrast and\in the contrast bolus:

The results of the research, the patients benefit in the shortest time (1-2 hours) in the form of reports printing of images on tape and writing to disk.

Magnetic resonance imaging allows the study of organs and systems, both native and with contrast enhancement. It is possible to obtain images of blood vessels of head and neck without the introduction of any contrast agents. Is not invasive contrast cholangiography. The lack of radiation exposure makes this study completely safe. The presence of an emergency call for a patient, the system internal communication between the patient and the operator and the technology of reducing noise provides the patient with maximum comfort during the study.

Range of research:

The results of the research, the patients benefit in the shortest time (1-2 hours) in the form of reports printing of images on tape and writing to disk.

The radiology Department is equipped only in the Republic of Mordovia digital x-ray machine with orthopantomograph,designed for panoramic and tomographic filming the entire jaw area, temporomandibular joints and paranasal sinuses.

Orthopantomograph has a program for digital panoramic photography in real-time, allowing :

1.Standard panoramic shooting (accordiana), for baseline survey, planning of treatment;

2.Standard panoramic shot with correction of artifacts;

3.Standard panoramic shooting left and right sides, respectively;

4.Children's panoramic shot with a reduced height and width of the field of radiation;

5.The lateral shoots of the temporomandibular joints;

6.Shooting the paranasal sinuses;

Flexible trajectory calculated by the microprocessor for each individual patient, there is no limit to the size of the patient, optimally accessible to people in wheelchairs.

Digital mammography is mounted on the base radiology Department allows us to produce a crisp image good quality with low radiation exposure, thanks to special sensors, automatic pre-processing of the images calculated with computer accuracy.

The results of the research, the patients benefit in the shortest time (1-2 hours) in the form of reports printing the pictures on the film. Image interpretation is made according to the modern classification of BI-RADS.

In the Department are all kinds of paid radiology services

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