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Patient referral for planned hospitalization

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Hospitalization in the State Medical Institution of the Republic of Mordovia «Mordovia Republican Central Clinical Hospital » is carried out according to the directions of doctors of the consultative polyclinic, emergency medical care, the Republican Center for Disaster Medicine, doctors of outpatient polyclinic institutions, as well as patients for vital indications without directions of medical and preventive institutions in accordance with clinical indications requiring hospital regimen, active therapy and round-the-clock monitoring.

Hospitalization in the specialized departments of the State Medical Institution of the Republic of Mordovia «MRTSKB» is carried out as planned daily on working days from 08:00 to 15:30 in the direction of specialists of the consultative polyclinic.

In case of planned referral of a patient to a consultative polyclinic and a hospital, the patient must have with him:

The referral for hospitalization must contain:

The required amount of research is determined by the profile of the disease in accordance with the "Regulation on the referral of patients to a consultative polyclinic and planned hospitalization".

The waiting periods for medical care provided in a planned form, including the waiting periods for medical care in inpatient conditions, individual diagnostic examinations and consultations of specialist doctors are:

Hospitalization of patients:

Hospitalization (transfer) of patients from other district and city medical institutions to the corresponding specialized department of the State Medical Institution of the Republic of Mordovia is carried out in consultation with the Deputy chief physician for medical affairs or with the deputy chief physician for surgical care, or by order of the chief physician.

Hospitalization of nonresident and foreign citizens for emergency indications is carried out on a general basis. As planned, hospitalization of nonresident and foreign citizens is allowed if they have a passport and an insurance policy.

Admission of the patient to the hospital on working days is carried out by the head of the reception department or the doctor on duty of the reception department (in their absence, the head or the resident of the corresponding department) from 8.00 to 15.00, from 15.00 to 8.00 the next day on working days and around the clock on weekends and holidays; the doctor on duty according to the profile of: patients with surgical, purulent-surgical diseases, maxillofacial pathology, coloproctological, traumatological, urological, otolaryngological, neurosurgical, cardiac surgery, gastroenterological, cardiological, allergological, rheumatological, nephrological, neurological and occupational diseases in the reception department of the medical and diagnostic building.

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