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Gastroenterology Department

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The gastroenterology department was founded in 1971 on the basis of the MRKB.

Currently, the gastroenterology department is located on the sixth floor of a six-storey therapeutic building and is deployed for 30 beds.

The department provides specialized medical care of gastroenterological profile to rural and urban population of the republic.

Staff of the department:

Gastroenterology Department

The staff of the Gastroenterology Department


Tsaregorodtseva O.V. – head. department, doctor of the first category

Sorochkina O. V. - gastroenterologist

Spiridonova A. A.- gastroenterologist

Shebarshova L. M. - senior nurse, highest category

The main directions in the provision of medical care:

Diagnostic capabilities include:

The department uses modern eradication regimens for the treatment of patients with erosive and ulcerative lesions of the stomach and duodenum, corresponding to the recommendations of Maastricht-V. Therapy with hepatoprotectors for chronic liver diseases is carried out. In inflammatory bowel diseases, combined treatment regimens are used. The selection of drug therapy is carried out taking into account the individual characteristics of the body, the course of the disease, concomitant pathology. Modern methods and schemes for optimizing the treatment process that meet the standards of medical care in gastroenterology are being introduced.

Hospitalization to the department is carried out as planned daily, according to the hospitalization schedule, in the direction of the republican consultative polyclinic/

List of diseases to be hospitalized in the gastroenterology department:

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