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Today: 27.01.2023 г.

Joint archive MRCB

Number of views: 9253

Head of the archive – Mirimanova Irina Ivanovna

Archivist – Chelysheva Margarita Yur'evna

Phone: (8342) 75-86-04


Monday – Friday 8.00 – 16.30

Saturday, Sunday – closed

Joint archive organize the reception, registration and storage of medical and General documentation of the medical organizations of the city of Saransk and ensures its safety. Joint archive works closely with the Pension Fund of RM and its territorial offices.

Tasks of the archive:

Execution of requests of citizens is carried out in accordance with the procedure of use of documents of Archival Fund of the Russian Federation established by Federal law of October 22, 2004 n 125-FZ "About archival business in the Russian Federation", Federal law dated February 20, 1995 № 24-FZ "On information, Informatization and protection of information".


Information of socio-legal nature at the request of citizens and organizations shall be issued in the form of archival inquiries, archival copies and argivney discharge. Information on procedures for the execution of the statements is provided by: written request by email, upon personal request of citizens or their authorized persons and representatives of organizations.

When applying for archival information (statements, documents) you should have:

1. The applicant's passport;

2. The work book of the applicant (or a copy);

3. The document confirming relationship of the applicant requesting information about another person (birth certificate, marriage);

4. Power of attorney (the document confirming powers of the applicant, stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation) - for information that contains personal data about third parties (medical information, the extract from a medical card of the inpatient, etc.).

Issuance of archival information and archival copies of documents of a thematic nature to citizens and organizations free of charge.

The term of execution of requests of citizens and organizations according to the archive materials of the organization should not exceed 30 days.

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